Asnaghi interiors design & furnishing consulting
Interior design consulting — furnishing and decorating — supervision and assistance

Asnaghi Interiors can also count on a very well organized Contract Division.
Qualified interior designers and long term experience in furnishing the most impressive villas and royal palaces all around the world lead to complete and customized projects.

Its 360° consultancy service, including interior design planning and arrangement study, usually starts with a preliminary discussion, and finishes with the installation phase. The process also includes cooperation and interconnection with other companies involved.

From the single furniture item to the wall decorations, from the finest fabrics for curtains to the smallest accessories, from special design doors to wall panelling, each space is created and designed with the collaboration of our architects who can satisfy any requirement, from simple sketches to complete projects.

Asnaghi Interiors is always a guarantee of quality in furniture.
But “home” is not just furniture.
A house is made of its atmosphere, warmth, feelings, and details that will make your home the mirror of your way of being and your life.


Buying from Asnaghi Interiors means relying on the experts that will support you with every aspect of your project, even for what goes beyond furniture.

Exquisite panelling, fine marble, perfect lighting, as well as curtains, flooring; those are all aspects of furniture that should not be left to chance.

Even for the smallest and seemingly secondary detail, Asnaghi Interiors will guide you to the best choice.

Each element is unique and unrivalled, as long as placed in an atmosphere capable of enhancing their beauty.