Asnaghi Interiors


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Asnaghi Interiors Classic style furniture of great value

100 years of style

Started at the beginning of the 1900s, Asnaghi Interiors has obtained an international reputation producing classic furniture with a high value and characterized by a unique working process in wooden inlay. For this reason, our company is one of the worldwide leader in furnishings’ manufacturing, both for the choice of refined essences and for its care and passion which year by year has always distinguished each step of its production creating real work of arts.


Our company can achieve a complete and detailed house setting. The skilled craftsmen, who always cooperate with us, will advise you for the best marble, the most suitable wood for flooring use, the most appropriate chandeliers to light and heat all the rooms where you will live, what fabrics to use for curtains or which sponges complement your bathroom into a solution of continuity of style and housing elegance suited to the taste of those who choose Asnaghi Interiors.

Our architects will arrange all the elements in the best way so as to create a complete and aesthetically perfect environment. So Asnaghi Interiors leaves nothing to chance and takes care of you and your home at 360 degrees.