Asnaghi Interiors furniture: leading style furnitures since 1916,
creating timeless works of art.
Where traditional woodwork meets modern design innovation.

Asnaghi Interiors reinterprets the traditional style adding unique details,
but mainteining the intact charm in order to satisfy the most complex interior design’s projects.

Thanks to its mastery and refinement, Asnaghi Interiors is considered one of the most important brand of made in Italy in classic furnishings.

Started at the turn of the 20th Century, Asnaghi Interiors produces high-quality classical and trendy furniture blending tradizional wood-work with the innovations of modern design.

Through relentless work and passionate research, Asnaghi Interiors seeks to infuse its products with a touch of graceful elegance and delicate refinement.

With the dawn of the 3rd millenium, Asnaghi Interiors offers the even-lasting appeal of olden styles with mastery and elegance, so as to meet the requirements of its highly-demanding customers.

Asnaghi Interiors Design Collection – The secret lies in the ideas.

Creating something extraordinary through craftmanship, plunging one’s roots in careful wisdom.
The creative mind indulges on shades and details to find perfection.

Creativity. Unstoppable and without rules, She lives in endless evolution.
Unknown combinations, different materials and refined shades decorate the room, connected by the logic of Charm.

TALES is a story, telling a tale that has been written over the years, made up of works of art, culture and passion.

This collection was created to highlight Asnaghi Interiors Design.

This is the brand of a company that has been a leader in the field of classic style for decades, offering a truly innovative line, thanks to unique shapes and types of products. TALES conquers the observer, proposing clean, sophisticated shapes – less evident in the use of decorations.

The simplicity of the forms proposed, attention to detail, passion for décor and workmanship of the finest materials, are all true pillars that have been part of the company for generations, and never been taken for granted.

New materials, combined with classic elements, create a perfect symposium between quality and innovation.


In this collection, the past becomes a key to a new tomorrow.

Classic style, which spearheads the company, has not been forgotten, but rather revisited in a modern key, maintaining wonderful style and elegance.

And so the observer is accompanied on a journey, in a story divided into three chapters with three different stories, all united by the common thread of beauty and elegance.

vista1_serale asnaghi interiors design

This is a journey, a new story still to be told, written thanks to the vast historical expertise of high artisan craftsmanship, pieces of art collected and shaped over time, which once again are aimed at conquering the most attentive and curious traveller.

From an idea of Amaranto Interior, an architecture and design atelier, a new product line is born: Tales. Tales wants to accompany the observer through a journey in three chapters.