Asnaghi Interiors


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Since its establishment, the company Asnaghi Interiors is specialized in the design and implementation of bedrooms.
As the company grows, it also increases the skill in creating furniture for the sleeping area.
Time goes by and the generations of the Asnaghi family change, each of them propose their own ideas and innovations, but always preserving the classical style of its origins. Baroque, Rococo, Empire, Biedermeier are trademarks for the company.
Nowadays Asnaghi Interiors has the ability to furnish every room of the house with the classic elegance which identifies it. Bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and even kitchens, all Asnaghi Interiors’ furniture are functional to the area where they will be placed.
The comfortable chairs and sofas enrich all the sitting rooms, the big tables accommodate all the guests, while the kitchens, equipped with every facilities are the hearth of your home.


The carving is a sculptural technique known since 1500s which allows the raised pattern to be insert on the wood. It is a particular manufacturing process that does not consider mistakes or changes of minds. Wood carvers realize every sort of figure from the wood thanks to chisels and gouges.
This is not so easy; the carving requires an excellent craftsmanship, firmness and physical strength.

In past centuries, the carving was used to decorate the furniture of the aristocrats with emblems and frieze, then it became a decorative element used to lighten, as well as to embellish a piece of furniture that would otherwise have been too heavy. The themes preferred by craftsmen are flowers and plants or some element of the classical antiquity.
A further evolution of the carving is the plating of the carved part or its cladding with cloth or gypsum.

Since the beginning the favorite essences were walnut, mahogany, pine, then as time gone by and thanks to the improvement of the techniques it was preferable to use walnut, linden or maple.

Today Asnaghi Interiors realizes his creations combining the skills of master carvers with the most modern technologies. The result is a perfect example of quality and reliability that Asnaghi Interiors gives to all its furniture.
Experience, originality and precision are a real mood for each pieces of furniture made by Asnaghi Interiors, it’s a way of being as well as a distinctive sign of love for beauty.
Most of the elements of Asnaghi Interiors’ furniture is made in the Brianza region, thus ensuring a high level of craftsmanship of the company.
The whole production process is carefully checked at every stage thanks to the high human and technological research given by Asnaghi Interiors in order to achieve the highest quality to its handmade creations.


All wood finishes such as lacquering, polishing and gilding are applied by hand. The decorations which embellish Asnaghi Interiors’ products are still shaped by the skilled hands of its specialized craftsmen. The modern techniques can’t get along without the traditional manufacturing: the combination of these two different ways of working give life to a unique result in its elegance and creativity.

The shades resulting from the mixture of complementary tones and paintings together with the modern technology have created finishes which are even more unique giving a natural appeal to the furnishing.

The decoration is a vital element for a piece of furniture because it determines the style of the cabinet itself. Veneers, bronze applications, mother of pearl, marble, gilded parts are the distinguishing marks of Asnaghi Interiors’ furnishing, for this reason the company always gives the same importance and care to all the decorations.


The wooden frames of chairs, armchairs, sofas and beds of Asnaghi Interiors have claddings and fillings. This manufacturing process is made by skilled craftsmen who take care of each upholstery with high accuracy and precision.

All materials, from fabrics to leather, are of high quality and rigorously Made in Italy.

Natural fibers such as silk and cotton and fine leathers adorn all the paddings of Asnaghi Interiors’ furniture, these fabrics are delicate and subject to wear and tear.

Asnaghi Interiors ensure a good storage and a great care of all its furniture in order to maintain their value over time. For this reason, the company suggest to clean the upholstered parts with warm water or a mild cleanser, or if necessary to ask to Asnaghi Interiors’ skilled artisans.


The inlay is the artistic and ornamental work obtained by intersecting a shape element on a flat surface in order to obtain more elaborate geometric, floral or more complex shapes.
The fifteenth century is the most Important period for the inlay in the various arts in Italy and in Europe.

The Grand Duchy of Tuscany is the cradle of this technique where many laboratories and workshops of marquetry were opened.
The refinement of the master carvers adds valuable materials to the wood.
In this way, inlaid wood and mother of pearl, marble, semi-precious stones and varnishes arise. The basic designs of these works are often made by the most outstanding artists as Lorenzo Lotto, Piero della Francesca and Sandro Botticelli.
The inlay, as a decorative element of the piece of furniture, reaches the upmost level in the seventeenth century when different materials are mixed in the same work.