Step N°3



On the notes of great melodies, Ostria presents itself in a new version, characterized by its strong personality, linked to the scenographic nature of its carvings.
A transformation which preserves its classical style and its elegance, and creates evocative settings.

The decorative theme

The art of carving becomes the main character, creating mesmerizing flowers and other natural elements: timeless details which require great craftmanship and artistic talent, typical and exclusive of craftsmen, whose work has been handing from one generation to the other.
Vintage effects, neutral colours and cobalt blue are enriched through gilding and capitonnè technique, visible on the backrest of the armchairs

Balance between classic and modern

Light and pureness emerge from the tone-to-tone combination of the Total White proposal.
The structure, made of carved wood with floral details and geometrical hints and polished with gold, creates a unique and splendid contrast, also thanks to damask floral-themed fabrics.
Clean and elegant lines, combined with an artistic style able to decorate and charm the observer.

Authentic masterpieces

Ostria is an expression of an innovative attitude, which expands its proposal to a living area.
Three mirrors, framed with carved wood and gold-leaf finishing, in which timeless beauty and pure, essential lines are combined. Precious materials and traditional craftmanship create a central base, which conveys the idea of great depth to the space.